New World How to find iron ore

The raw material iron ore (Iron Ore ) is used mainly in the lower level of Crafting Vonnew World. We betray from Meinmmo where you can find the iron ore.

What do you need iron ore? Eisenerz can be used in a melt to be rewarded iron bars. The iron bars, in turn, you need for the first stages of armaments and weapons beyond wood. This is especially relevant for the levels 5 to about 20

Where to find iron ore? Eisenerz you can win from iron cells. You basically find them in the area type Highland and there are you in different sizes, so you can win between 15 and 50 iron ore from it.

A good overview of the locations of the various resources basically offers the map. Opens this with the M key and click on places with raw materials . There you can see where there are the different raw materials and can also recognize the nature of the map in which landscape you are located.

Helpful in finding materials is this interactive map of players, which makes exactly visible, where you can find fibers, oil and other raw materials.

With which level you can dismantle iron ore? To reduce iron ore, you need a pickaxe, but no special skill in mining. Because you can already reduce iron with level 0.

From level 25 iron ore is even displayed on the map.

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