Iron Trials rules All changes to the competitive mode of Warzone

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In Call of Duty: Warzone to win a victory is quite a performance, but since the publication of the game in March 2020, the players demand a way to play the game more competitive. With Iron Trials, players finally have the opportunity to put their skills to the sample, but be warned: The rules of Iron Trials differ significantly from the standard Battle Royale.

Iron Trials is designed as a hardcore battle-royal experience with a significantly harder skill ceiling. In fact, it is so hard that Activity has created a special business card for Iron Trials winners to indicate every occasion.

But what distinguishes the mode so from the standard warzone? Well, for the beginning, the operator statistics were increased, the time to kill has been increased, and you need a thick stack of money to enjoy something new in a buybox.

In short, Iron Trials rules ensure a pretty interesting reading. So if you want to know what makes the mode so differently, read on. Here you will find everything you need to know about Iron Trials, including the rule rate, the booty, the prices for the purchase box and more.

Rules for Iron Trials

Iron Trials may be a hardcore version of Warzone, but still shares the DNA – the last team wins, the circle shrinks and those who die early can reappear over the Gulag. In Iron Trials, however, all these mechanics have been optimized to provide all a more competitive experience.

The first major change is that the health of all from 100 to 250 has been increased and the health regeneration is much slower than in Warzone. This means that the average time to kill is much higher and they need to consider what advantages and equipment they take into the fight.

Matches are shorter in Iron trials by about two minutes, as the round timers decreased by 12% and the speed of the circle was increased by 12%. This means that you have to be on the hat and think more often about your next rotation.

Free Loadouts – which fall in standard matches from the sky – were also sorted in Iron Trials. This should force the players to actively save their money for meaningful purchases instead of distributing it on three UAVs in the second circle. It also means that you need to buy an equipment if you want to use your own weapons – but that costs you 15,000 US dollars.

Sniper rifles were also weakened for Iron Trials. A single headshot within 30 meters will still down an enemy, but not on larger distances. This allows the players to react at the receiving end of a long shot. The anesthesia by stunning grenades holds 50% less and the regeneration rate of medical spraying has halved – but they are still pretty effective, so choose your equipment wisely.

ATVs and motorcycles will also be vehicles in Iron Trials – so no ride more in Big Bertha Trucks for you.

Boot of the iron tests

When you first play in Iron Trials, you have a magnum and a big old suggestion hammer to play. Of course, you can chop your PC player 24 during the game and change, but it is worth noting that the floor boot differs considerably from the Warzone.

This should focus on the card awareness and the contract system in the game.

Ordinary weapons start with an essay (most have advanced magazines) and epic and legendary weapons are harder to find. However, there is a new rarity of the Cold War Weapon called Classified, which spawns with more than five essays.

The drop rates of killstreaks were also reduced, as well as the amount of cash. Dead Silence and Stoping Power Rounds were also removed from the game to make it a uniform playing field for everyone.

Iron Trials buy station prices

The meaning of Iron Trials is to offer experienced veterans a little challenge. In order to win the upper hand in this fight on life and death, you probably need a helping hand from the delicacies that you can pick up at the Buy Station. However, prices are much higher than in standard mode.

Here are the prices of the Iron Trials Buy Station:

Arms Package: $ 2,000
Gasmask: $ 4,000
Cluster blow: $ 4,000
Precision stroke: $ 4,500
Self-revival: $ 5,000
UAV: ​​ $ 6,000
Customization: $ 15,000

The greatest price increase affects the PC players 24 markers, which are more expensive at Iron Trials 5,000 US dollars. UAVs are also 2,000 US dollars more expensive in this mode. So if you want an extended UAV, you should grind better.

Iron Tests Gulag

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Iron Trials still has a Gulag system, but it is cleared compared to standard mode. You will see no acimbo weapons or fully and semi-automatic shotguns – only pure shootings where the better player earns his use.

When you win, you will be thrown back to Verdansk with the weapons you won in Gulag.

Iron Trials playlist

At the moment Iron Trials Duos is the only available mode. Activision says that the squad size is limited, so that players really feel the effects of increased time to kill , but there are rumors that this could be expanded in the future, especially if the release date of Call of Duty: Vanguard is approaching.

Business Card by Iron Trials

As a reward for defeating an Iron Trials lobby, the winners grab a sweet looking Iron Trials business card. This card has no real advantage, but it allows you to brag about your skills if you return to Verdansk and the island of rebirth.

So you have it, all Iron Trials rules in one place. We will keep this up to date with all changes, but given the fact that this has so far been adopted by the players, we can assume that this will be an integral part of the Warzone world for a long time.

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