Picture Diary of Yoshida Niwa The protagonist is an iron mask JRPG Tales of Arise where newness and series coexist

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Are you all ? Or is Fujishima ?


Both are good!

This time, Bandai Namco Entertainment is a software Tales of Arise for PS5. This work is RPG depicting the battle between Rena who controls the planet Dana and the people of Dana who wants to break its control.

Speaking of the Tales of series, the character design by Mutsumi or Yasuke Fujishima was impressive, but in this work, Mr. Akira Iwamoto in Bandai Num Costadio is in charge. In addition, the graphics that have been animated so far are also realistic watercolor rights. In this way, various changes that cause the new style to wind up a new style are happening, and I am surprised!

The main character is … Iron Mask! ?

Two stars next to each other, Dana and Rena ….

300 years ago, Dana is invaded from Lena developed by advanced magic and science and technology, and Dana s earth is governed by Rena. Since then, the people of Dana were treated as slaves and continued to be imposed on an endless labor.

One boy who worked as a slave was about to be hit by a Rena soldier.

It was saved by the crisis of the boy … so, the main character of this work …

, iron mask! ?

The main character seems to have lost his memory and not remembered his name, and it seems that the iron masculine was not removed in his head. Therefore, it is called iron mask from around.

Rena soldiers are also called iron masking even with a boy who helped. He seems to have a sick name and a little chest.

Since the status screen is also written as iron mask as the character name, is it named the iron mask ……. real name is that picked up the main character It seems that I could not forget to do something .

It was a good story other than though …!

The everyday life as an iron mask slave is the end of the meeting with the Sion who was caught by Rena soldiers.

Zion had a force that brings severe pain to those who touched, regardless of his spirit.

But she says her myself cursed her power ……

The iron mask will bring the action and behavior from the construction. Thus their long journey began.

Even if the appearance changes, the Tales of is healthy

Fields are separated for each area. As it is created three-dimensionally clipped on the cliff, there is a worth of searching. Because there is an item collection point in a specific place, I am a great honesty!

When it comes in contact with the enemies that are crawling, the battle begins. In other words, it is a symbol encounter expression.

The technique can be activated with the R1 button with normal attack, ✕, △, □ button.

There is also a Just avoidance system that causes a counterattack opportunity to avoid enemy attacks and there is also a just avoidance system that has created a counterattack.

If you play this work, there were a lot of new elements that have not been in the series so far, and there was a lonely feeling that I changed it with Galari … .

However, the exhilarating feeling that decides the combo in cooperation with the fellow with the fellow swords and the Rainchiria of Akiha, and the exhilarating feeling to decide the combo is alive!

Furthermore, in this work, the behavior pattern of the fellow battle in battle can be set considerably. It looks fun to build a strategy according to your own plastic and fighting strong enemies.

But …… It tends to settle down to balanced fight that is tidy and set by default ….

To Warrior from Iron Mask Slave. It can change the appearance!

Iron mask has been standing out without the protagonist so far, but if the story goes on, the iron mask is broken and his face comes up.

The face face is a young man with a flat face.

After all, the face face should be handsome. It s just an old man ….

In addition, costumes and weapon skins increase as the story goes on. At first, the main character who was wearing a Boro cloth dress is also dressed in a good eyebrow …… It is also possible to keep wearing the clothes of the Boro cloth as it is.

I like iron mental Boro cloth clothes, so I use it as it is, but I am firmly fashionable to the girl s character. Shion doesn t look good at crimson dress armor!

An attachment can be worn in addition to the costume. Here is a lot of items that have strong play elements such as cat ears and strange glasses.

My favorite attachment is a laughing glasses.

If this is put, any tense event will be relaxed!

The newly friendly character is This is a proof of friend …… and let me spend laughing glasses.

I actually made the Tales of rice!

You can camp in the fields installed on the field.

In the armed menu, there is an item that breaks and remediation where the movies and events can be rested again, and some items fly to the Purchase page of the DLC.

Camping, cooking! Show out story! And it s DLC! It s only a sense of discomfort that it is lined up in the menu … but let s go away.

Speaking of cuisine series of series.

Eating dishes will have the effect of increasing status up and acquired experience values.

My favorite is the Finnish cuisine Rohikat like Stew, which simmered salmon and vegetables with milk. It has the effect of uploading the number of items that the enemy drops, but it was often made because it was simply delicious.

It is a dish that is not familiar with the name, but it was a very delicious visual, and every time I made it ……

! I actually made it!

It is only completed in no time because it is just simmering a rough vegetable and salmon.

Because it is boiled with milk, vegetables and salmon are also delicious. delicious…….

When I eat, Meat dishes are likely to increase STR or This food is likely to go up , and it is often possible to eat while thinking about the status of cooking. . The effect of Rohicit is the same increase in the number of items that enemies drops as not to say.

But …… It is not good to defeat the real world. Because it will be arrested ….

The clear time was about 50 hours.

The story is a Boy Meet girl of the royal road starting with the Iron Mask and Sion, but I felt fresh royal road, however, because I was playing with the violence game. The battle with stronger actions compared to the previous series has a feeling of exhilaration, and it was also done while enjoying the monotonous level.

Honestly, before play, various factors have changed, Is it Tales of series? . Where to feel Tales of is each person, but I saw the battle with a series of familiar techniques and a battle that the combo enters Gashigasi and a conversation with friends in the middle of the trip. So, it was no longer confusing in this work!

Tales of Arise is on sale for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE / XBOX Series S | X / PC.

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