Phasmophobia celebrates its first year with a new offline mode for a player who does not dare to try

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Updated: We corrected the owner and the body of the news to qualify their details. The novelty is the possibility of playing offline solo to Phasmophobia, the title of terror that already allowed the individual game, but connected to the network.

In the haunted house of your neighborhood, no one will hear you scream. Well, probably the neighbors. And the ghosts that live in it, of course. And if we also talk about Phasmophobia, the best thing is that you do not make a lot of noise if you have the microphone open. The fact is that Phasmophobia celebrates its first anniversary. A year of indie terror pure and hard for the game that was one of the viral successes of 2020, and that now introduces its most terrifying way: an offline mode for a single player .

Terrorifica because, obviously, you will be alone at danger . The fact is that the Phasmophobia anniversary update introduces an offline mode for a player with which the most daring researchers can be / facing the games alone without the need for connection. Until now, Phasmophobia was a cooperative experience for 4 players who required playing online and not accompanied or not, to deal with dozens of different ghosts hiding in their hallways.

Some news are also added that will make less painful defeat in the game. If you fail a contract , the game will no longer reward you with some miserable $ 10, but it will grant you a payment according to the mode of difficulty. Likewise, when losing will be indicated by the type of ghost that ravaged the building. As if that were not enough, the newspaper has been completely redesigned to facilitate its use and make it more fluid.

In this link you can consult the full patch notes. Published on September 18, 2020, Phasmophobia became one of the great successes of the year of the pandemic thanks to its social approach and a very original terror proposal, which dazzled the players. In May of this year, an update was published that made their ghosts much more dangerous, and now that you can face them alone, sure you lack running site.

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