How to expand a Timberborn District Guide

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Do you want to expand your Timberborn District? Districts are a key mechanics in the MECHANISTRY survival cities builder and must understand how they work if they want to guarantee long-term survival.

How Timberborn District Mechanics Works

The Timberborn The district mechanic is effectively a strap or border for its beavers: the District Center is the center of a district, and its beavers can only go far from it. Build outside a district and its beavers will not be able to work in that area or use any of the resources in it. The size of a district is quite generous, but it will inevitably meet the need to expand beyond its borders.

How to extend a Timberborn District

The bad news is that it can not extend a timberborn district. However, the good news is that you can build new ways to make the most of an existing district or expand to a new district to work in a far area of ​​your home.

Let s start by expanding the scope of a Timberborn District. Take a look at how I set up my first district:

Note the colored lines on the roads, which show the maximum distance a beaver can travel from home. I want to get to the trees at the top right, but my beavers can not come because they have to walk a long way.

Then what do you do? The solution here is to build a more direct path to the area you want to go. Take a look at the route lines once you have built a hanging bridge:

Add this new road allows my beavers to reach a wider area while staying within the same district. It is easy!

Unfortunately, it can only stretch a district to a certain extent; Eventually, you will want to go somewhere where you can not find a shorter path. That means you will have to establish a new district completely.

How to expand to a new district in timberborn

You may want to unlock some new buildings before expanding to a new Timberborn District: Establishing a new district is similar to starting a new city.

Districts in Timberborn are effectively isolated from each other. You Poder launch a second district and treat it as a second city, but I think that is not very efficient; It is better to unlock two specialized buildings first:

  1. Unlock labor> Distribution Station: This will allow you to send resources to other districts.
  2. Unlock labor> Delivery point: This will allow other districts to receive goods.
  3. Build a new district room, homes, a warehouse and a water tank.
  4. Build a district door to separate the two districts.
  5. Migrate your beavers and move goods to the new district.

And that s it! Either way you do, make sure you do not lose sight of how you are going to your beavers in your additional districts.

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