Phasmophobia celebrates its first anniversary by adding a challenge for the bravest

It has been a year since the launch of Phasmophobia. Time passes very fast, yes. From Kinetic Games want to celebrate this date as marked with new content and many more scares. For this, they have published a free update with changes.

The first one is more variety in the use of the newspaper, which is now more comfortable and simple to use . Now, for example, we can cross the tracks that we find and alternate between the available options.

Phasmophobia - Official Announcement Trailer

But one of its most important news is that you can now play alone without the obligation to be connected to the Internet. That will make it easier to play whenever you want and anywhere. And neither will money be lost when it comes to failing in a contract of this type. Now, the insurance will offer a certain amount of money depending on the difficulty and the type of ghost.

And, of course, it approaches Halloween , so its creators have promised updates for the coming weeks, one of them dedicated to the festival of the dead, promising that it will be terrifying.

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