PS5 update finally fixes annoying screenshot

Owners of a PS5 can look forward to numerous changes in the new software update. In addition to long-awaited SSD support and advanced remote play, Sony has secretly adopted the screenshot icon.

PS5: Final with annoying confirmation

Many required features can be found on your PS5 console with the current system update. This includes the correction of a annoying problem with screenshots. As you know, the PS5 controller offers an integrated Create button. Do you want to create a copy of your screen, you can do the uncomplicated about this button.

Depending on your setting you can specify whether you want to keep this button pressed for a full second or the trigger should take place after pressing once. But here the trouble comes to the thing: at every screen photo that makes you, a confirmation icon appears on the screen.

Screenshot notification bums PS5 users

This symbol can be disturbed in the long run and has not been deactivated so far. All the more annoying is the player who likes to take many recording. In this way it can happen that you suddenly find several icons on your screen. Depending on how many pictures she shoots in succession. With the update this changes now.

How to disable the confirmation? As soon as you have the update installed, you go to your settings to the menu item recordings and transfers and there in the shortcuts for the Create button. In this menu you now see a new entry that deactivates the notification icon when recreated screenshots.

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As soon as you now press the Create button, your PS5 console is limited to make a camera shutter noise. The display of the icon remains. By the way, you have the option of watching your 15 most recently shot recordings with the PS button.

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