Nexon Computer Museum Chuseok Museum Special Program

The Nexon Computer Museum is a museum on Jeju Island, South Korea. It opened on July 27, 2013. It is recognized as among the very first long-term museum in Korea that is committed for the background of computer and computer game. In 2017, the museum residences 6,900 products consisting of computers, video game gaming consoles, games, as well as software. The museum’s supporters consist of institutions such as Computerspielemuseum Berlin and International Facility for the History of Digital Gamings, and IT firms such as Nexon, Softmax, Gamevil, Oculus Virtual Reality, Thalmic Labs, Take-Two Interactive, Sony Computer Home entertainment, and so on
. The concept of Nexon Co. Ltd.’s museum is to interact as well as communicate with a series of visitors from across boundaries, by accumulating, preserving, looking into, showing and also enlightening historic electronic artifacts.

Nexon on the 17th, Nexon Computer Museum in the Nexon Computer Museum, demonstrating the Mini Cheetah , a popular experience education program ‘Jobs (M) All Day’ Events on the 18th, 19, 22, I said it was going to go.

‘Mini Chitta’ is a robot engineering authority, which is recognized as Robot Engineering Authority (MIT), Mechanical Engineering, and Professor Kim Sang – Bae, a company developed by Professor Kim Sang-bae, is a miniaturized four-family walking robot.

This robot, which can be free movement such as backplanes and jumps, is available in various fields such as disaster area detection, disaster structure and logistics, and last year ‘Special Open Workshop: Cheetah Robot Development and Future Robot’ , The Nexon Computer Museum was donated.

In the ‘Chuseok N Museum’ event, robots and children are ‘true. True!’ True! ‘Appreciation of the game, and the gifts victorious gifts will present a predetermined gift.

The popular education program of Nexon Computer Museum, ‘Management (work)’ is also in Chuseok, and the opportunity to participate in the visitors will be held. ‘Manual (work)’ is a experiential program that makes a moving toy using mouse and light, and learns the structure and operating principle of frequently connected devices in everyday life, and can create their own prototypes, I have gained a response to the activity.

In addition, the Nexon Computer Museum opened KakaoTalk Channel, pay a Chuseok special coupon to the visitors who added full channels of Chuseok’s holidays, and visit the Museum for the holiday period, and to add channels to the museum, Conduct.

The ‘Chuseok N Museum’ event will be implemented on the 18th, 19, and on the 22nd, and will not proceed with museum closed on the 20th and 21st of the 21st. For more information, see Nexon Computer Museum Blog.

Meanwhile, in the Nexon Computer Museum, it is operating as a ‘pre reservation certificate’ for a safe viewing environment in accordance with the instructions on social distance in Jeju. Pre-reservation is possible through the Nexon Computer Museum official homepage.

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