Valheim To start Hearth Home you should start a new world

With Hearth & Home, the Valheim developers of the Studio Iron Gate revise some significant systems of the game. For example, Foods of your preferred game style better support and optimized weapons balancing was tackled. Today, on September 16, 2021 from 16:00 clock Let s go, and you can look at all the new features of the update. The developers give you some valuable clues for the start. Among other things, they consider it meaningful if you start a new world.

Developer Tips to Start Hearth & Home

Of course, the already existing worlds are not destroyed when Hearth & Home is started. The new content should also work in these, but it is necessary to collect some new resources. In some cases, it is enough if you drop it from your inventory and then picks up again. In addition, you have to explore some new areas to benefit from all Hearth & Home content.

The best gaming experience , the developers, however, if you start a new world, as soon as you have downloaded the update. Of course, you should secure your old worlds before. Because as soon as a character or a world was used after the game was patched on Hearth & Home, they will no longer work with older versions of Valheim (Buy Now).

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Escape From Iron Gate: Video Escape Manual
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Mods in Hearth & Home

The creators of Valheim also point out that all kinds of mods with the release of the new version will not be yet compatible. Accordingly, it makes sense to remove the mods with Hearth & Home for the time being. When you will see a Unity error, while your Valheim wants to start, then it is very likely that you did not remove all mods , says.

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