Tails of Iron The heritage of Rattentrons in the fight against the frog

The 2D adventure RPG Tails of Iron has been released for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Price: 24.99 euros). The next gene versions should run in 4k with 60fps. The adaptive triggers of the dualSense controller are also supported. A physical version is available as Crimson Knight Edition and includes twelve additional skins. First user reviews on Steam drop out very positive . 86 percent of 193 user reviews are positive .

Tails of Iron, from Indie Developer Odd Bug Studio and Publisher United Label, tells the story of Redgi. The heritage of the Rattentron goes to a dangerous journey to free his kingdom of the merciless frog clan. (.. ( against the variety of bosses who always offer their own challenge to have a chance, the budding hero is available to a wealth of weapons and equipments with different properties. Armor offers better protection, but it is advisable for the evasive role slow? An ax is aimed at greater damage, but a light spear is faster and has a greater range , write T The Publisher.

A hand drawn world with six bioden, brutal battles against the oversized generals of the frog clan, customizable combat styles with a variety of weapons and armor and co-missions as an additional source of income are promised. As a narrator, Doug Cockle (Geralty from the The Witcher series) is heard.

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