Video explains how to install an SSD on the PS5

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PlayStation was surprised today by announcing that tomorrow, September 15, a new update will arrive at PS5 , which will finally allow us to use SSD memories in this console. To complement this information, a video has been shared that explains how to install one of these storage pieces.

To carry out this process, you need:

-A room well lit with a table to work.

-A screwdriver 1 Head Phillips or Cruz.

-A small lantern (optional).

Before starting with the installation process, touch a metallic object connected to ground to eliminate the static electricity of your body. Otherwise, damage to the SSD M.2 or the PS5 console could be produced. It is important to mention that is required of a heat dissipation mechanism , such as a heat sink or a heat transfer sheet. An M.2 SSD could come with these pieces or maybe you need to buy them separately.

Below you can check step by step the installation process for memory:

-Cap the PS5 console. Then, remove all cables and devices from the console. Wait a moment for the PS5 to cool down.

-Colok the console on a flat surface with a protective cover and remove the base.

-Colok the PS5 so that the PS logo is down and the ignition button is oriented in the opposite direction to you.

-Use the right hand to grab the edge of the lower right corner and the left hand to grab the edge of the upper left corner of the cover.

He gently raises the cover with his right hand.

-Slide the cover with the left thumb while using the left hand fingers to stabilize the PS5 console.

-That the screw of the expansion slot cover and then remove the cover

  • Carefully focus on the screw. Move the spacer to the slot corresponding to the size of the SSD M.2

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– Sets the edge of the SSD M.2, allow it with the expansion connector notch and then from a diagonal position up, insert it into its place firmly.

-Incline the SSD M.2 down and set it with the screws. Make sure the refrigeration system does not obstruct the screw.

-Colok the cover of the expansion slot and adjust the screw. If the slot cover does not close properly, it is likely that the refrigeration system will exceed the size requirements.

-Look up installing the cover by placing it a little apart (about 2 cm or 3/4 inch) from the top edge and sliding it again in place. When the cover has been fixed, you will hear a click.

-Connect the AC power cord, the cables and the base, and then turn on the console.

-When the console is turned on, the Format Guide will appear. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and format your SSD M.2

The PS5 update that allows the use of M.2 SSD memories will be available on tomorrow , and here you can learn more about what will be offered.


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