Marvelous currently boards on a suite at Daemon X Machina

The time passes and this September 13 lated the 2nd anniversary of the output of Daemon X Machina , the bet of Marvelous’ First Studio to bring back the action games with Mechas on the front of the stage. A small success that, according to producer Kenichiro Tsukuda, will be right in a suite.

First released on Switch, then on PC, Daemon X Machina had managed to find its audience (nearly 30,000 copies had passed in Japan the week of its release), so the direction of Marvelous said he was satisfied with sales. Good news for First Studio teams, which are currently developing a follow-up to the action game from Mechas .

The news comes from the producer of Daemon X Machina himself, Kenichiro Tsukuda, who announced him during a stream celebrating his second birthday. Information that explains, among other things, the series of recruitments in Marvelous since the end of last year – the studio also prepares other titles for new generation consoles. Beware however, Tsukuda specifies that this project starts just and that the development will take time . He suggests that the framework of this daemon x machina 2 could differ well from the first. To be continued.

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