Deathloop The Complex District Guide

Welcome to Blackreef Island in deathloop . This new game of Arkane and Bethesda follows the story of Colt Vahn stuck in a day in loop. Blackreef Island is composed of four different areas; The complex, Fristad Rock, Updaam and Karl’s Bay. In this DEATHLOOP In the Complex District Guide, we will review at what moments of the day the different visionaries are present in which it can compile important information and what other opportunities may arise. This guide will remain the most free spoilers as possible for the widest history of Deathloop.

The collection objects and the notes listed below will only include those that include important information for the Deathloop History, or those that include codes. If you are only interested in knowing where to get codes from them, be sure to go to our Deathloop Combination Guide.

The resort is a rocky region of the island Blackreef. This is where Dr. Wenjie Evans and Egor Serling have their research facilities. As much as there is on the ground in The Complex, there is a labyrinth of tunnels and installations below the surface. Below is what we have found of importance so far in The Complex.

DEATHLOOP The Complex District Guide: Visionary Leaders

Afternoon: You can find Wenjie in the laboratory of him in the afternoon. You will have traveled here once before during the tutorial cycle.

Afternoon: You can usually meet Egor in the afternoons after he has successfully carried out the investigation of him.

DEATHLOOP The Complex District Guide – Arsenal Leads

If you visit the resort at noon and you go to the main installation, you will get an Arsenal Lead called «In This Together». With this, there are eternalists who have broken into the weapons deposit of the complex. As you follow the instructions on the screen, you will end up against a closed door that requires you to locate and load three batteries to enter and pick up the Strelak Verso; A weapon that can switch between a pair of pistols or a rifle separating and combining.

DEATHLOOP The Complex District Guide – Other Activities

At the moment, no other activities have been found in the complex.

DEATHLOOP The Complex District Guide: important and collectible notes

There is a series of notes that you will learn throughout the story in The Complex

Unknown unknown (tomorrow)
To harvest what you sow (tomorrow)
A feature, not an error (tomorrow)
Notes on Updaam CliffSide installation (afternoon)
Radial fluctuations (afternoon)

Here are some other important collectables in the area.

Map of the complex (note)
In the afternoon, you can enter the Bunker area of ​​weapons and pirate the terminal through the window to the closed room. Once in the control room, go down the hall to find the map.
The sixty-two minute: Wenjie Evans (note and document AEON)
This note is one of the AEON documents of Wenjie and can be found in the Egor Laboratory located through the building complex and leaving on the other side.
How well do you know Blackreef? (Note)
This note is one that provides information for the Fortune Teller, or you can simply use our guide to find the answers. This document is on the lower floor of the laboratory of Egor on a table to the left of the map showing the different regions of Blackreef.
Sterelocation protocols (note)
This note is located next to the depressurization system in the Wenjie Laboratory. It tells you where to find the system code.

You can find two sets of minicom records venturing through the complex.

One is found in the basement of the Wenjie laboratory in the closed offices, you will end up traveling here through history, but it will not be accessible for a while.
The other can be found in the main room of the laboratory of Egor, depending on when you appear, there will be a variety of different locks and sensors in this building, but if you have Aether skill, you can simply walk through the lasers that activate the alarm.

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