Cheap SSD with up to 2 400 MB s at the lowest price at Media and currently have a good NVME SSD with the WD Blue SN550 (1 TB) in terms of performance and price.

So good is the price: Both shops have the SSD free of charge for currently only 71.99 euros instead of 98.99 euros on offer, whereby the model was not yet cheaper according to price comparison.

For other merchants, the offers are currently starting only from 83.80 euros with shipping. In addition, according to price comparison pages through the local offer is the most favorable SSD with 1 TByte storage capacity at all.

Here’s the offer:

Now to the SSD at now for SSD at

This offers the WD Blue Sn550

Fast and cheap: Compared to conventional SATA models, the SN550 promises Western Digital in the form factor M.2 by NVME connection via quad PCI Express 3.0 again significantly higher data rates.

In the case of Hieshe’s model with 1 TByte storage capacity, it is up to 2,400 MB / s reading and writing 1,950 MB / s, whereby loading times in the operating system, in games and Co. are largely minimized.

Robust price-performance tip: It does not belong to the fastest of its kind, but this can score over the price, with the performance for everyday use more than me.

The manufacturer also provides a five-year warranty, unless the life performance of 600 TBJ (TBW) is not yet reached, while the life of life should be 1.7 million hours with regard to runtime operation.

reviews, test and savings

Top reviews: On the SSD has received an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars in 12 reviews.

CDK Drive Executive Desktop – Basic and Enhanced Store View
Above all, performance and value for money are praised, while no superficial criticisms are highlighted.

Convinced in the test: had the model on the test bench and a recommendation pronounced:

The WD Blue Sn550 is an absolute reasonable


Solid performance values
Ordinary write rate in TLC mode
Low price per gigabyte
5 years warranty


No dedicated DRAM cache
Relatively small SLC cache

Here’s the offer:

Now to the SSD at now for SSD at

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