Tales of Arise How To Defeat Ganabelt

Stories of Arise Boss fights are among the best fighting in every JRPG game out there and part of what makes them so unforgettable is how many levels they have. Without going in a spoiler territory, Ganabelt is one of the fascinating enemies that will be found early in Tales of Arise, and he presents one of the craziest and smartest boss fights. There is a lot going on in this fight and you have to be on your legs with your reflexes to turn it off. The idea of ​​this struggle is that it is a race against the clock and you have to be well prepared to survive.

How to Defeat Ganabelt


First, we have to prepare for this fight. When you approach the boss fight, you will receive a warning that you will face a Lord, and you have the opportunity to reverse this location. This disclaimer is not only for fun, but is a serious indication that you may not be ready for what hides behind this door. To prepare us on the fight, we will either rub the ass in countries before Cyslonia or we will do a few side quests. The result of this will be ascending as well as collecting money.

If you have added a lot of money until now, go to the next dealer and buy 15 Apple Gels and 15 Life Bottles. If you happen to have orange gels, they are also crucial, but the dealer does not sell them so they need to find them themselves. The rest of our money is issued for the modernization of the equipment. Especially Law comes with less than ideal equipment, so you have to fight for the materials you need to upgrade it, and also have a decent amount of money at hand.

Alphen and Shionne should wear top equipment at this time, but if not, make sure they have the best weapons available. Rinwell is not the most powerful character, but she is practical in this fight, so at least her armor up, because you will live living them. In addition to the top armor and weapons, you want to create some accessories here that increase your elementary damage resistance and defense. Ganabelt attacks you continuously with spells and you want to be prepared as well as possible.

Choose your character

This fight is crazy and the last thing you want to do is switch between the characters back and forth if you do not have to. The best bet is here to stay at Law if it is properly upgraded. Law has some lightning struck attacks and can strengthen themselves and other group members, provided they have enough CP for that and he has the most important attack throughout the fight. See, Law has the ability to break enemy shields with its boost attack, and it’s just that Ganabelt has just that.

While they can play other characters, the pure madness of this struggle could mean that they could miss when Law is ready to unleash his boost attack, and that’s just not something you can not afford here. At the same time, Laws Boost Attack triggers a small intermediate sequence in which Law loses his mind and extinguish Ganabt’s shield. At this point you can be crazy because Ganabelt is completely unguard for a short time. Law also seems to be one of the most serious characters, as he is so fast with his movements and his arts that they can perform a certain punishment and can duck out of the danger zone before taking great damage. His defense is not so great, so be careful and use accessories if you can afford it.


Whether before or during the fight, you should visit the strike screen and use all your items before you go to CP-based art. The reason for this is that your items fired much faster than, for example, Shionnes resurrection species and speed is the name of the game, since Ganabelt is essentially a time bomb, waiting to go up.

Ganabelt she will come with a variety of Astralartes, so I hope you’re done with your alternating game as they can ruin them quickly when they contact them. You should run your boost attacks here as often as possible, and apart from Law, Rinwells is the most useful as they can extinguish Ganabt’s most harmful astral art. He can also meet them with a variety of very fast physical attacks, although these easier to see and avoid much easier than his art.

Approximately in the middle of the point is ganabelt split into 4 versions of his self. At this point, you know that you will have a bad time, and indeed, if you do not create it, to kill all four of his copies in good time, he unleashed indignation. The indignation simply murderes most of its group and leaves the remaining members at best with a small amount of HP.

If this happens, give all the attacks and heal immediately because these copies of Ganabelt will not lead anywhere until they have defeated them and the things on the screen have become a bit more hectic to keep track of them. If you are now playing on lower levels of difficulty, it is possible to defeat all ganabel copies before it starts indignation, and the damage is far less than moderate and higher, but considering how easy the game is normal, would I recommend that you give the harder options a try.

After the indignation drops you the chin load and recovered, it’s time to get back into the fight. Ganabelt should only have about half of his health bar, and the more you depress him, the more dangerous it will. If you are playing as a law, focus on building your arte combos as soon as possible so you can continuously use your boost attack and break ganabelt.

If you eventually lose Law and stout your items, change to Shionne until you can all heal normal again. If you have set the strategy correctly. You should have a healthy CP pool at this time to revive and heal anyone you need. Bring Law to run again and set his Steel Arte to strengthen all your characters. You will need that because you know what? Ganabelt is going out with a bang and when he is close to death, he will attack the indignation again. This is almost always an immediate death for your whole party, and only once I saw how it ends differently.

With Laws Buffs, it’s time to change alpha. The reason for this is that Alphen is the tank of the group and in no time can do most damage. Hopefully, you have its ability to charge the Blazing Sword at this time, because we will need it to destroy themselves in order to keep ganabelt from disrupting outrage.

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The best bet here is to use and recharge infernal torrent until you have no health and release. If this does not turn it off, you can heal yourself from Shionne again and repeat the train. This will serve massive damage every time and should be sufficient in combination with the attacks of your other characters to defeat Ganabelt for all times. If the items go out too early, make sure that you change your strategy again so that your characters heal them with CP as they do not heal them if they do not do so.

Tales of Arise has some absolutely crazy encounters and with Ganabelt is certainly one of the toughest and craziest of all. It may take a few attempts, but if you follow this guide, the Lord of Cyslonia, Ganabelt, should fall in a short time.

Stories of Arise is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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