Youtuber has tested the new PS5 should be cooler than the old model

The new PS5 models heat up the minds. Sony had reduced the cooling and did not like that everyone. Now a youtuber has taken the temperatures under the magnifying glass and tidy with some allegations.

We from Meinmmo had already reported that Sony had launched a new PS5 model with smaller cooling.

So far, users had discussed the meaning of the changes and there was no needable facts. Many had rejected the reduced cooling and suspects that the PS5 would have to become louder and hotter, which users would not benefit. Youtuber like Austin Evans had assessed the new model as poorly than the previous model.

That’s now happening: ARIS mpitziopoulos, the founder of the power supply company Cybeticics, has now changed the new model of the PS5 once and compared the device with the previous model. He not only looked at the components, but has studied the console professionally. ARIS writes, among other things, for the magazine Techpowerup and knows well with technology.

He presents his comparison of old and new model in a video on YouTube and also explains his approach. The video we have embedded here for you:

PS5: The general temperatures of the new model are lower

What are the temperatures? To read out the temperatures, Aris sensors have placed on the corresponding components. His first result is that the temperatures in the new model are much lower.

The temperature sensor placed near the board shows 51.2 degrees Celsius at the older model and at the new 40.1 degrees Celsius. That’s at least 10 degrees Celsius less.

The exhaust air, which presses the console outward, is warmer at the new console. This confirms the assumption that the new cooling system works much more efficiently than the previous model.

However, the main memory has detected increased temperatures. In the old model, the GDDR6 memory is hot 40.9 degrees Celsius hot, the new model increases the temperatures of the memory to 48.2 degrees Celsius.

What else did he find? ARIS sets at least that the volume of the console is slightly increased. Here he suspects that this must be due to the smaller heat sink boke a lower resistance and thereby brings more air from the console.

RaiderZ in 2021
However, power consumption is identical in both consoles. At least he could not find any increased power consumption.

Why do I recognize which model I have? Which device you have, you can recognize the model number of the console. This is about the original packaging:

The older devices with and without drive are called CFI-10XXA or CFI-10XXB.
The newer devices with and without drive are called CFI-11XXA or CFI-11XXB.

So far, however, it is unlikely that you have bought a new model in Germany. Because according to different users, the new model should have appeared only in Japan and Australia.

Already in spring it had given first rumors for a new PS5 model. Here Sony had probably changed only a small thing, which probably noticed the few users:

Sony is planning a new version of the PS5 – with a change

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