PS5 continues by spraying PS4 sales records in Japan and reaches a round figure

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PS5 continues to harvest scandal figures despite the stock problems that the new generation console of Sony is having. And less evil , because it is overcoming all the records of PS4, which did not have those problems in their day. PS5 has just overcome the million consoles sold in Japan .

The fact would not surprise especially, but if we compare it with its predecessor, the thing changes. PS5 has reached that milestone in 43 weeks, or what is equal about 10 months. PS4 reached a million just when it turned a year since its launch . They are not doing anything wrong with PlayStation.

In total, a total of 1,012,656 PS5 consoles have been sold in Japan. Of these, almost 850,000 units correspond to the reader version, while more than 160,000 users have opted for the only digital edition.

If you want us to follow with the curiosities, the game in physical format sold is Resident Evil 8 Village, one of the games created in Japan precisely more expected and recognized by that audience.

And all this, can only go up, of course. Especially, depending on what we see tonight at the PlayStation Showcase, where we will know News of PS5 with new games, at a 40-minute event in which we will tell you everything from MGG.

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