1 8 million euro fine Jerome Boateng guilty for injury

Injury, additionally recognized as physical injury, is damages to the body caused by an exterior pressure. This may be triggered by mishaps, drops, strikes, tools, as well as various other causes. Major trauma is injury that has the possible to trigger prolonged disability or fatality.
In 2013, 4.8 million people worldwide died from injuries, up from 4.3 million in 1990. Greater than 30% of these deaths were transport-related injuries. In 2013, 367,000 kids under the age of five died from injuries, below 766,000 in 1990. Injuries are the reason of 9% of all deaths, as well as are the sixth-leading reason of death on the planet.

Jerome Boateng has been sentenced to a fine of € 1.8 million because of an intentional body injury in the criminal offense. For this judgment, the district court of Munich came in a criminal proceedings against the World Champion of 2014 on Thursday.

The fine was 60 daily rates of 30,000 euros. The longtime Star of Bayern Munich was found guilty, his former partner and mother of his twin subsidiaries (10) intentionally violated and insulted during a Caribbean vacation three years ago. Boateng had previously denied the allegations.

The indictment was that Boateng should have targeted the mother of his twin subsidiaries born in 2011 with a glass lantern as well as a cooler bag with full force . Then he should have beaten her and have insulted with the words whore, pussy and slut .

For two hours, Boateng described his view of things on Thursday in criminal proceedings. He had become not violent , Boateng said he had not attacked . Again and again, sound problems disturbed the negotiation.

Boateng, past week free transfer to the French top club Olympique Lyon switched to the card game Skipbo skimmed. That says a fellow girlfriend of the ex-girlfriend, then the situation escalated.

Boateng should have beaten partner more often

He had thrown a pillow in the direction of his former partner, Boateng said, there was a windlight from the table and fragmented. Later, his ex-girlfriend had become aggressive, had him boomed in the dispute several times and injured on the upper lip, which then bleeded. Then he pushed her, but not so doll .

His former partner raised serious allegations. He put myself with my thumb, bitten in his head, pulling me on the floor on the floor, opened his lip and spit the blood in the face, she said, talking about a toxic relationship . In addition, Boateng has brought them into his back with a strong blow and several light strokes . I stayed away the air.

It was not the first incident. Boateng is said to have beaten his former partner more often, she says. Again and again there had been a dispute in the past. Various affairs, but also the organization of shared life played a role.

Legal dispute for stay of the daughters pending

In the summer of 2018 Boateng Stand just before a change to Paris St. Germain, the transfer did not materialize. The caring of the two children led to discussions in this context.

The two parents are also in a current lawsuit for the right of residence of the common subsidiaries who currently live with Boateng.

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Towards the end of the negotiation, the prosecutor announced that calls more injured had entered into. However, these had nothing to do with the incidents around the process.

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