Road 96 PC Test The Narrative Trip Road Between Two Ages

Adolescence is certainly an age for the least ungrateful. Between vocalises that are difficult to controllable and acneous thrusts, frustration can quickly embrame an already explosive cocktail, and give desires for Fugue. At Petria young people do not flee for one or two nights a family cell with misunderstanding, but a state in a form of latent totalitarianism. For these fugitives who still dream of a better world, only one solution: gaining costs the border, going back to the road 96.

The Tyrak Sea

The adventure in the form of a narrative road trip and procedural puts us at each new start in the skin of a mutable teenager launched on the roads of which very very much looks like a version not so far from the states. United, where two political camps are trying to take power, even if the current owner seems to enjoy a certain hegemony. An adjoining attack in loop by media to orders seems to justify a slightly blurred screw tightening, but that seems sufficient for more teenagers to pass to north.

As in nus and panties, it takes by all means swallow the kilometers: in stop, bus, or on foot, every day is pretext to unfold a new decor, to generate new encounters, and to get closer to the goal , trying to escape the local flicena. In _ Road 96 , many parameters are random, and the same highway_dinner_ will propose in turn enjoying a credit card to remove some tickets to pay a sandwich or a bus ticket , to meet a brief companion, or gather some valuable advice for the final stage of the trip, not without provoking the establishment for the form. Because if the power in place seems to take advantage of a dominant position to accuse without evidence of the more or less chimeric opponents, a wind of freedom seems to be able to tip a whole time. Zeitgeist, I write your name.

On the road of Maine, son

It is in the first person that roads, habitacles and other surroundings of gas stations are traversed, looking for an exchange, or objects designed to continue the trip. It is that the energy describes logically little by little, and it will be necessary to think of feeding a minimum and take rest, even if you left to sleep on a climbing climbing. The management of finance and energy therefore depends on each trip and interlocutors that will take into influenza or sympathy in functions of the multiple choice dialogs that punctuate certain sequences.

Despite good intentions, the actor game and writing often fish with a lack of depth, and empathy that could be created fails to reach the few recurring profiles including history is unveiled only after several escapades. The idea of ​​multiplying attempts to the orders of new protagonists actually offers a certain replayability, but also highlights their silence that makes the exchanges not natural. Yet a few capabilities like persuasion where terminal hacking makes it possible to discover the same places under other angles, but despite pretty short runs, the impression of having quickly went around the question inevitably points out the tip of its nose.

96, Cathartic year

It is that _ Road 96 _ attempts to play in many planes, gliding quite awkwardly from the mini-game phases between two narrative sequences, and if the variety is certainly at the rendezvous, their playful interest remains Often limited, and sometimes wonders if shooting sequences for trombone or driving were really indispensable. The adventure suffers from its uneven rhythm: some sequences cut too brutally so that the narrative impact does not work at its just measure, and the steps follow one another without always forming a consistent loop.

It is all the more damage that _ ROAD 96 still develops a subtle and nuanced comment: beyond the teenage leak staging, the two months separating the beginning of the adventure of The fateful presidential election make it possible to highlight many points of view. Between revolutionary forces and legitimists of the ballot boxes, the spectrum is quite wide for everyone to try to vary the approaches, history to probe deeper the convictions of the seven recurring characters. But to go around the question, and try to discover the result of his intensive and repeated lobbying, it will take tirelessly the road. Presented as a procedural road trip, the new game of DigiXart actually alternates the protagonists and the situations, and the loops gradually enjoy the ability quickly unlocked, but also to better manage hunger, sleep and money, And so try to resume the same road another time to see if a families’ bathchich can change the game.

strikes the road, Jacques

Whatever happens, traveling teenagers can always count on a quality soundtrack, in the form of a mixtape of a decade, with the presence of The Toxic Avenger, Cocoon or Alexis Laugier, the music of _ Road 96 _ Always want to take back the road, to enjoy a little more than a trench color range and landscapes not so desert than that. Failure to see the end and leave for a new game +, the adventure of DigiXArt will undoubtedly accompany you for thousands of kilometers, but from the inside of your own vehicle. Is not this the best way to change the mentalities? You have four hours.

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