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PC Online Rhythm Action Games ‘Audition’, which is served by Hanbit Soft, starts to launch the 13th Presidential Pear Amateur E Sports Competition (Presidential Bae KEG).

Red dead online try hards be like

President KEG Audition events enter the nationwide connection with the first place and second place at the local main line. Anyone over 12 years old, which has the ‘Han Light Account’ of my name, can participate anyone.

Gangwon, Gyeonggi, Gyeongnam, Gyeongbuk, Gwangju, Daegu, Daejeon, Busan, Seoul, Sejong, Ulsan, Incheon, Jeonbuk, Jeonbuk, Jeju, Chungnam, Chungbuk, On the 9th and 10th, Kyungnam Changwon, the national conglomeration is scheduled.

The regional mains of the regional main line proceeds to the front online method or offline method, and the schedule and method can be changed according to the 19-membered Corona 19 disaster condition.

The audition users can select one of the desired exhibitions, regardless of the actual residence, and the athlete who won the national wiring ticket will be played on the region representative.

On the 7th, the Busan area has been in the Busan area, and the Main Line, Busan area will be held on the 14th. The main line is also forecast between the 14th and 15th, and the game area.

The main line of Gyeongbuk, Ulsan, Chungnam Province, and the mains of Gyeongnam and Sejong area, on the 29th, on the 29th, on the 28th, We plan to proceed until 12th of next month. Each regional final schedule is possible to identify detailed schedules on the official homepage of the competition.

“We will explore the participation of many users nationwide, and will support the participation of many users of the whole country in the President of the President of the Korean Soft Soft Agency.”

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