Epic Games unveils Fortnite Imposate Mode

A brand new fashion game arrives on the island of survivors, and the latter is particularly inspired by another title: among us. Include agents from the dreamlike institute, but beware of traitors who roam in Fortnite Imposters. Immerse yourself in this new fashion up to 10 players to take care of the node, or sabotage the agency according to your role.

agents, impostors and their tasks to accomplish

In this mode, 8 agents are designated _ (10 players) _ to take care of the dreamlike institute by performing tasks to maintain the node. Calibration of chests and lamas, combat bus repair or report delivery are planned. But in parallel, agents must not lower their guard in order to patter the behaviors of their allied potentials. They need to complete all tasks, or eliminate impostors by vote to win the game.

In front of these agents are 2 impostors _ (at 10 players) _ who aim to curb agents’ progression and eliminate them. They can gain the confidence of the agents by performing tasks before betraying them. But each task brings their enemies closer to victory. The traitors may, however, sow chaos with specific tools that will slow the progression of agents.

  • Disable tasks – Temporarily freezes the progress of all tasks
  • Teleporter Players – Move all agents and impostors to another place of the node
  • Banana party – For a short moment, all agents and impostors look like a banana

Communication and votes

The communication is the key in Fortnite Imposters. We must not hesitate to summon all the players for a discussion to discuss the suspicions of each. To bring everyone together, just go to the communication panel, or find a corpse. The agents and impostors must then enjoy the time allowed to tackle and defend themselves, because a vote awaits them at the end of the countdown. The player who received the most vote will be ejected from the agency.

The vocal discussion is however active in the private mode and friends only ** on Fortnite Imposters. The public parties are played with the quick discussion menu and via emotions.

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