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end of 2020 the horror co-op game could Phasmophobia plenty of pull players alike. After that, however, the number of players wandered down – until the weekend of August 28 .

What is this game? Phasmophobia appeared in September 2020 and shimmered in the following months numerous computer screens and virtual reality goggles. With up to four Ghostbusters can be located in different buildings in search of supernatural figures make out what is being actually driven for a spook.

The aim is to determine the exact type of spirit that haunts in one place. For this you are different items available. It is about possible use of objects such as a microphone contact with the spirits take and talk with them directly. As the surroundings in Phasmosphobia work, learn it here.

Depending on how to do it yourself, you can calm the mind and muster against him. If the ghosts angry, they attack you. You are to unfrendlich, the spirits of revenge – and if you insulted, they kill you.

How successful was Phasmophobia? Also thanks to the streaming platform Twitch, where many streamer gruselten by Phasmophobia, the game end of 2020 to hit.

According Steam charts the absolute figures highlight was the game in October 2020 with 112,241 players. Moreover Phasmophobia gained really good reviews.

Also in November peak was recorded even over 99,000 players before the peaks in December and then in January 2021 were in the range 44,000 in. In the following months it was usually always further down and the peaks were moving about in the range 20000-26000.

So the numbers have now changed: On August 26, 2021 figures suddenly again began to climb. In the last four days Phasmophobia collected several days in a row numbers above 50,000. Peak entire 61,917 players went on a ghost hunt. Such a high number had not yet reached the year Phasmophobia.

The reason for this may be the new update exposure that supplies Phasmophobia with fresh content.

update brings new spirit to Phasmophobia

What is the new update First of all should be mentioned as the two new ghosts types – Goryo and Myling. While the Goryo from Japanese culture comes, you find Myling in Scandinavian folklore.

For this, a new item was introduced: The D.O.T.S. projector that allows you some ghosts in the house can find when they move through the signals of the device.

There are also loud patch notes other changes:

  • The Sprint has been adjusted: You can now insert every 5 seconds a 3-second sprint. At the same walking speed was adapted to the old sprint speed.
  • In VR mode, a new teleport coverage is implemented.
  • Ghost accelerate faster now when they see you. They also now chasing you after three instead of five seconds.
  • There are new visual and audio effects for almost all equipment.
  • Electronic equipment reveals your location if a ghost is chasing you.

There are also numerous other changes and adjustments that will improve the game. A complete list can be found on Steam (via Steam).

Today Phasmophobia will continue to operate as rated very positive on Steam. According Steam 13,258 reviews are received in the last 30 days, of which 96% turn out positive.

Who so far so not had or the game on the docket the spirits a long break has indulged in, could use the time to enter again.

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