3 good reasons why you should play Iron Banners in Destiny 2 now

At Destiny 2, the first PVP event of season 15 will still be carried out for a few days. We have collected 3 solid arguments for the event. In addition to good reasons, there is also a reason against the iron banner.

In Destiny 2, the Iron Standard will be executed until the next weekly restart. Just at the beginning of the young season 15, the season of the lost, the PVP event is a great opportunity to encourage your guardian and pocket strong objects.

But you have to hurry, because as of September 7 Lord Saladin will be fired from the tower and with him the playlist, at least probably until October. season has chosen 3 good reasons why I should spend the weekend at Eisenbanner. As a doorman, there is still a part of the criticism of the event, do you agree?


  • New event booty: Worth a particular weapon
  • Quickly furniture the new ritual weapon of season 15
  • Lot 4 times upper of the iron lord only to shoot with others
  • That has been annoying in the Iron Standard for years.

new event booty: Worth a particular weapon

This is new in the iron standard: The iron standard stagnated for a long time. The PVP event produced by mass of Destiny 1 had lost its brightness more and more. Mainly because there was little or no new booty.

Now, in season 15, there are completely new reinforcement sets so that the 3 characters cultivate for the first time in years (see cover image). The design is controversial among the guardians, but it is always better than the old Reskins. Conveniently, you get all the whole at the end of a small Lord Saladin mission that should not cost you more than 2 nights of playing time.

There are also 2 completely new weapons. The two new trinques complement the strong Arsenal of season 14, which you can also get. These are the two new weapons:

  • The pulse rifle Schmiedeschwur (390) with solar damage
  • The Peace Agreement pistol (491 wrapped) with damage by stasis
  • We guarantee that you will receive both weapons once per character through the mission of the seasonal iron standard; After that, you will need luck in the booty.

The new Iron Standard Weapon Peace Agreement is small but dangerous.

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This small gun Mola: The star among new weapons is the discreet Peace Agreement pistol or English Peacebond. Many guardians are excited about the weapon of Stasis in the Kinetik slot.

The big names also praise the little monster in PVE and PVP:

  • True Vanguard calls the new weapon: King of all pistols (through YouTube)
  • Ehroar declares the peace agreement as: You have to get a stasis gun (in PVE) (through YouTube)
  • Drewskys praises the weapon as: Very good and is really excited about the new advantage of Stasis (through YouTube)

The new advantage of stasis is tombstone. With this you create a great crystal of stasis after precision murders. Therefore, you can start synergistic loops with classes of stasis or use the unpleasant ice forces without the class of stasis. In addition, the combos of benefits such as rangefinder + horse war is ideal if you are looking for a reliable and deadly weapon for PVP.

Quickly furniture the new ritual weapon of season 15

So there is the launcher hegemony: With season 15, a new mission weapon (ritual weapon) came to Destiny 2: the hegemony of the rocket launcher. You can currently get this new weapon very fast.

Many guardians are used to obtaining this weapon through a mission by Armorer Banshee-44, but that is different now. In the season of the losses, the new mission weapon is not available through missions, but is located (range 16) with the 3 NPC Zavala, the Vagabond and Lord Shaxx.

According to the Iron Standard, Bungie has increased the range of Range in PVP. By the way, ascend very fast in Shaxx and you can reach the range 16 much faster than usual, only through rounds and raids of iron standards.

The Iron Standard provides additional reputation for the ranges with Lord Shaxx.

The bonus ends with the next reboot on September 7, even if the Iron Standard disappears in October.

Lot 4 times upper of the iron lord only to shoot with others

That is why the power level rapidly increases: Iron Standard is an excellent opportunity to increase the level of power of the Guardian correctly at all times. Lord Saladin has 4 incursions with him for the new mission, all of which guarantees a strong upper batch.

  • Only through the upper lot, you can increase your level of power in season 15 beyond 1320, up to a maximum of 1330 (without artifact bonus).

  • You will benefit from the high level on the Iron Standard itself, the tests and the end of PVE, such as the favorite twilight or when cultivating the new exotic in sectors.

For the rest, the sources for the upper lot are quite limited. Only a limited number of activities distributes the valuable resource. Often, you even have to go to raids or other final activities for the upper batch. So take the opportunity and complete the 4 iron standard incursions. All you have to do is follow the game and kill, no matter what weapon or class you use.

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That has been annoying in the Iron Standard for years.

** Why the incorrect chip system? of position marker, which you should then redeem for booty after a trip to the NPC.

It is also annoying that you have to deliver the tokens manually in small steps and you do not even have any influence on your booty. It is a game of chance where you normally end up with useless things, but you have invested a lot of time.

With season 15, for example, Zavala was rebuilt and all the cutting-edge chips of it were eliminated. The trials will also review the old system on September 10. Lord Saladin and the Iron Standard stubbornly trusted in this old 2017 mechanism.

According to Dylan DMG04 Gaffner, Community Manager of Bungies, that will not change soon. He talks about a possible change in a future season (via Twitter).

Destiny 2: Where is that Iron Standard that I fell in love 5 years ago?

Due to the antiquated system of chips, it is also quite difficult to fish, for example, the new and powerful gun peace agreement, in addition to the 3 guaranteed missions. Apart from that, the iron standard has recovered something from its old brightness and is particularly valuable at the beginning of the season.

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