Story of Seasons Pioneer of Olive Town Will be implemented for the PC in September

In the test for the switch, we designed Story of Seasons – Pioneer of Olive Town by Marvelous as the better Harvest Moon. Despite a lack of new impulses, in the game, a routine farm adventure, in contrast to the previously published, lavelessly implemented Harvest Moon: a world.

Anyone who wants to take a look at the playful qualities of Story of Seasons – Pioneer of Olive Town himself, gets the opportunity from 15 September on the PC. Then the farm adventure for Steam appears.

_ Build your very own farm!
Welcome to Olivingen, a peace-loving community founded by your pioneering grandfather and his friends. In the meantime, you have taken over his farm, and it’s your job to continue his work. Build crops, breed animals, build relationships and get to know the inhabitants of your new home in this brand new continuation of the story of Seasons series!

Cultivate your farm, cultivate your city
Tame the wilderness and build your own farm! Collect and processed material to run jobs and expand the infrastructure of Olivingen, improve your tool or commission new outfits and accessories.

A farm with endless possibilities
Rode The country, putting old businesses repaired and build new ones wherever you think it’s appropriate. Improve your farm capabilities and make deco items and equipment, including fences, feeders for your animals or irrigation systems for your fields!

New adventures away from well-known paths
While exploring your farmland, you encounter the Earthgeister that leads you to mysterious, fantastic lands – in gardens with always same seasons, on an island in the sky or even inside a volcano!

In Olivingen is always something going on!
Take the city’s festival part and experience how the whole city flourishes! Learn your neighbors better in over 200 unique events better, and maybe you even find your great love! _

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