Today s Steam September Test Battlefield 2042 Sales Zoom

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Battlefield 2042 was on the top of the world’s best selling products worldwide with prepare for testing before launching.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest of battlefield series. In 2042, I am dealing with the story of a starred areas of a regulator of a refugee from a refugee to the US and Russia’s war on the United States and Russia, but this work is not a campaign, and a portal that can play a custom game , 3 modes of new mode hazard zone are supported. Detailed schedule is not public, but it is notifying the launch of October, and is predicting my test in September.

Battlefield 5 was the power of the new work and the power of the discount, but the newly released Passfinder: Las of the Rasbound was pushed to Nova, who went to Lask of The R & W. There are no updates, but 90% discounts are held until the 9th, and you can experience the battlefield at an affordable price.

Otherwise, Pass Finder New Path Finder: Ras of The Riechi pressed Destini Guardians and ranked first, and No Mohm Men’s Sky, a 5th anniversary update, was ranked 3rd. Cookie Clicker, which came out of a web game, has entered 7th and entered 7th. Alei: Pire Team Elite is the 9th place, Paso Bobia falls 10th, Divinity: Original New 2 and Nara Car: Blade Points went out for the 10th top.

The top simultaneous connections TOP 20 (Domestic standards 10:41), maintained the power of the battlefield 5, which is 90% discount on the sales volume, maintaining the power of 90% discount and takes 9th. However, the 8th GTA 5 and the maximum simultaneous number of connections are different, and this is likely to rise to this ideal.

In the middle, the Rainbow Six: Shiz and Dead By Dairite are keeping the same place as yesterday, while the Rocket League and Warframe are 15th, 17th, Blazen, and Arc: Survival Evolvard ranked 18, 19th.

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