The GDC 2020 was moved to the summer

After many failures, the event was pushed back.

In recent weeks, many publishers and developers have broken off the annual game developer conference this year, as the worry about the raging coronavirus, which has caused great problems worldwide, increases. At this time, so many companies have fallen from the fair that there should be no surprise that they were pushed back.

As announced by the official Twitter account, the GDC 2020 was postponed. So far there is no date, although they say that it will happen in this summer.

When it is actually happening is in the air. Most likely, it will depend on what happens with the currently ongoing pandemic. It could be very good that the entire event could be canceled. Other annual events are most likely threatened by the same fate as the E3 will take place in June and the Tokyo Game Show in September. We press the thumb up that this thing is contained at a given time. Tagged with: GDC 2020, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One

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