Naun Nam Multi game Top 5 that dominates the school computer room

Two Can Play That Game is a 2001 American charming funny movie created and directed by Mark Brown and also starring Vivica A. Fox as well as Morris Chestnut.

※ [Genui] is a corner that sets a different theme every week, and introduces a game, character, event, etc.

Now, students are also saying that everyone carrying a smartphone and is a world who likes his favorite game. However, 20 years ago, lunch time school computer room was the game of the game. Until the late 1990s, there were many homes without a computer, and the strange healing to play at the school became a daily phosphoric acid daily. At the school where the reporter went to the school, the lunch time quarreled was fierce and there was a dentist gamer (one of them), which rushes to the computer room without eating lunch,

In that time, there were children who enjoyed a single player game in the school computer room, but there was a popular games that could do with friends. It was because the PC room was, and after the PC room was, it was because it was not a computer room, but it was not a computer room, so it was because it was a chance to play games like friends. However, the specifications of school computers were not a good one, and the Internet connection was when I was able to dream, because I could not dream of dreams, games that can easily enjoy easily in relatively low protrusions. Today I gathered the multi-games that I had occupied at the time of them and the school computer room.

TOP 5. Where did you eat flames? GTA 2

The GTA series is divided into a top view of a top view, and three since the 3d open-world action that was a top view action. Among them, GTA 2, which had a variety of weapons and vehicles as possible, attracted a popular popularity in the school computer room. It is a top view, but it is a top view action that it is not a detailed description that it is not fine, but it would be one of the factors that are popular and ladies.

At that time, his friends who know how to easily obtain a good weapon or vehicle, because it was not a period that could easily get a tip like now. In fact, no one would be afraid if I had a flamed radiator or a rocket. Among friends, Hey! She ate her flame radiator! When the voice chat is ringing, it is the quirks! Then, when you picked up your weapon in GTA 2, you will see that you are gushing the battle ground gun, picking up the battle ground gun.

TOP 4. Sneakers Sneak in class Shark! Pikachu Volleyball

It was always a lot of popular computer room characteristics, there was no empty seat, and the children who stand behind the friends were a lot of children. Then, it is natural that the game that the two plays played as a computer is popular as a computer. There was a number of 2 player play games at the time, but the most popular was ‘Pikachu Volley’. The capacity is small, the specifications, do not ride, but it was not a lot of keys than other games, and it is also a lot of popularity that the operation can be easily learned.

For reference, one of the advantages of picchu volleyball was that it supports Windows window mode. We used this to put in the form of a window in the form of a window, and when the teacher came, he was hidden. Of course, in class, only single play was possible, so it was a formula to meet with friends after builiar in single singles. I also opened a kind of league that utilizes Pikachu volleyball in the school that the reporter went on, but it was remembered that the competition for the ‘Pikachmaster’ has been fierce. Of course I have dropped out early.

TOP 3. If you are a man, you will not ufo! Roble

RC Car Racing Game Ribet also gathered high popular in the school computer room. It is a unreanable low-end 3D game, and a small RC car was operated by a small RC car, and a casual setting that racing and racing over the inside of the building, and a casual setting to lower the entry wall. In particular, the LAN local multiplayer mode is connected to one room to one room to speed and speed, acceleration, weight, handleing, and driving types of different types of cars, and MMO (8) MMO (8) ) It was possible to battle.

For reference, there was a UFO among the vehicles that can be played, but it ran at the air in the air and ran at a fastest rate near the fraud. However, because there is no wheel friction with the bottom, the speed control was not easy, and the direction adjustment was very difficult, so it was very difficult to adjust the direction. Nonetheless, children who could not give up the speed of the speed began to pick up the UFO, and eventually it was born in the middle of the year, which was a lot of harmfulness to handle UFO as a self-body. The harsh water is realized in the harsh environment.

TOP 2. Starcraft decorated with twilight and dusk of school computer room

In fact, the end of the school computer room multiplayer game is terminated by StarCraft. Since the late 1990s, we have held the spot as a national game until the early 2010, and the multiplayer efficiency was very good. The StarCraft release was 1998, but it was in the early 2000s that spread to the school computer room was that the illegal resolution was deployed. In the 1990s, it had to have a CD for game driving because it had to take a CD for a game.

Anyway, StarCraft has dominated the computer room in the early 2000s, but it was rapidly popular since 2010. Although there is a new AOS boom represented by League of Legend, it was because of the activation of the smartphone, and the school computer room was slowly externalated. After all, after the StarCraft, we stopped the genealogy of the national game that has taken the school computer room.

TOP 1. Fortless Nostalgia Tank Game, Scorchard Earth

Fortress 2 Blue is a national game for a national game, and even Windows was a tank shooting game early in the school computer room, which was evenly spreading, and the ‘Scochond Earth’, which was called ‘Scotch’, ‘Scorch’ I will. It is a game distributed at the time of the 1991 Gulf War, which is a work that is the first time the game is first introduced by copying or dropping the tank of each other.

It is a old game, and it did not support online multiplayer, but this game was the biggest advantage that it was a turn-based basis that you were able to enjoy the battle from one screen to one screen beyond 2 people on a computer. For reference, the balance is not a good value, but when we go to the game, the top rankers have received a prize money, and they continued to purchase a more powerful weapon, so there was frequent weapons, so there was a lot of wealthy, so there was a thing to do. For reference, one of them. I’m afraid this game!

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