The Developed Max a Block Game Developer

The Wyme Max declared the conversion to the Global Block Bond Game Developer.

First, the Wymeade Max plans to be used as a merger platform for the game developer and is planning to promote company value. In addition, a series of light-cone and Joyce is a policy to prepare for a game market, a global block chain, which applies a block chain technology to all the games being developed.

Joyce The Studio is currently on the SF Strategy Simulation Games ‘Rise of Stars’, and will carry out a global formal service for this block chain technology. ‘Rise of Starz’ is a SF strategy simulation game that can be a large-scale war through the Federation Fleet Battle in the unknown space space. In addition, we are developing a new RPG game that has been equipped with a block chain technology on the light cone, and aims to launch the global market and aimed at the global market.

The Lee Gil-hyung’s representative decided to apply a block chain to the game developed by the W Max and affiliates in the direction of the Wymade Group, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said, I will try.

The Waymade Max will become a successful game M & A platform that has already been successful, and said, Furthermore, Furthermore, Furthermore, said the M & A platform for a successful game, said,

Meanwhile, the Wymeade Max was established in March, establishing a rapid management strategy to establish a rapid management strategy for each business characteristic, and established a professional developer of a new mobile game.

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