Dying Light 2 shows really nice graphics with ray tracing promises more information in the Xbox transmission tonight

With an advance, the team behind Dying Light 2 showed how the new Cooperative Survival game with ray plot (RTX) is seen. The graphics promise a penetrantly clear appearance when you play.

This is how you see Dying Light 2: The new Teaser shows a tour of the world of Dying Light 2. You can see the world, different NPC publications, abandoned cities and also some of the zombies that you will know.

The video shows again and again comparisons of the game with activated ray trace and without the new technology. You can not see a game with actions such as body-to-body combat or the only firearm.

The special thing about the ray tracing are lighting and shadows. The ray trace is responsible for the calculation of light in the game and improves it. That means: with RTX you have more beautiful reflections and more realistic shadows, which ensures a better appearance, especially in the details.

The developers explain that the shadows behave so identical to reality: further they are a bit blurry, closer to the ground are sharp. We have included the video for you here:

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Little Surprise in Gamescom in the transmission of Xbox

What is displayed In a Tweet, the developers promised that tonight will be transmitted on August 24 in the Xbox transmission of Gamescom (through twitter.com). However, they did not reveal what exactly was.

When does the transmission take place? You can look from 7:00 p.m. German time. In Xbox you can discover how to see the transmission of Xbox and what awaits the multiplayer fanatics there. We do not know when exactly Dying Light 2 will be displayed.

Since the transmission only works until 8:30 p.m., in any case you have to wait a maximum of an hour and a half until the surprise.

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When will Dying Light 2 be launched? After a long silence, the developers were contacted again at the beginning of 2021 and only announced in May that Dying Light 2 will be launched on December 7. Dying Light 2 will arrive at PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

The second part takes place 15 years after the Dying Light and captive events with action, inserts from Parcours and, as seen above, with cinematographic graphics. You can also play Dying Light 2 in cooperative mode.

The predecessor was already enormously popular. It remains to be seen if Dying Light 2 is up to its legacy. In Xbox you will find the 25 best survival games of 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC while waiting.

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