New offer of the week in PS Store Grab Destiny 2 Beyond Light up to 40 cheaper

In PS Store, there is now the new offer of the week of 25 August 2021. This time you will find an AAA shooter for PS4 and PS5 there. Destiny 2 Including the current major extension beyond the light you will receive up to 40% discount on this way.

What does it have it with the new offer? Looking for your game replenishment for your Playstation 4 or PlayStation 5, but does not want to spend much? Then, in addition to Great Sales in the PlayStation Store, you also have the chance to complete the one or the other exquisite game in the context of discount action offer of the week cheaper.

Since the 25th of August, you will find the Shooter Destiny 2 and extensions as Beyond Light – but also some older addons.

New offer of the week of 25.8. – Destiny 2 for PS4 / PS5

What is the new offer of the week? As a new weekly deal, this time is Destiny 2, an AAA shooter, for the PS4 and the PS5 offered. Many versions of the game and extensions are reduced:

  • Destiny 2: beyond the light for 23,99 € instead of 39,99 € – your saves 40%
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Season 1 for € 29.99 Instead of 49,99 € – Your saves 40%
  • Destiny 2: beyond the light Deluxe edition for € 46.89 instead of 69.99 € – It saves 33%
    • In the Deluxe Edition, you will receive access to Season 12-15, the exotic impulse rifle no time for explanations , ornament, catalyst and the new Sparrow Any other horizon
  • Destiny 2: Legendary edition for 38.99 € instead of 77.99 € – Your saves 50%
    • In the legendary edition, you will receive Destiny 2 and the extensions forsaken, light of the shadows, and beyond the light, and you will receive access to the current season when you log in after the purchase for the first time
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken for 9,99 € instead of 24,99 € – It saves 60%
  • Destiny 2: Fortress of the shadows for 9.99 € instead of 24,99 € – It saves 60%

Destiny 2 on the offer of the week in the PS Store

What is Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is an action MMO shooter, developed by bungie. The game is always powered by new Seasons and extensions with new content. Originally the second part of the shooter appeared on September 6, 2017, was then published almost a year later, on 24 October 2018, for the PC.

The release of the great forenso-enlargement was a milestone for the shooter, because there were many of the wishes from the community, which were open after the start of Destiny 2. It followed the Shadowkeep expansion in 2019, which advanced the story of Destiny 2.

Beyond the light (Beyond Light) is the latest expansion. She was released in November 2020.

What does Destiny 2? The plot of Destiny 2 builds on the predecessor. As a player, she slips into the role of the keepers and would have to cover all sorts of interstellar villains. Selects the right one for you between different guardian classes and benefits from their special skills.

You fight with them on different worlds, triggers quests, dungeon missions, adventures, strikes and defeats powerful bosses in Raids. If you prefer PVP, you can measure yourself there in 2V2, 3V3, 4V4 or 6V6.

Especially the gunplay of Destiny 2 is praised by the keepers. A wide variety of weapons that have strong abilities ensure exciting fighters. The story of the game is continued in the course of Seasons.

What brings beyond the light?

This is in the addon: This extension leads you to the icy Jupitermond Europe, where many ancient secrets, including the icy, dark power Stasis hidden. You have to work there with an old acquaintance, the foreign exo, to use this new power before enemy eramis, Kell of the darkness, gives them to their fallen fighters.

Here you will find the coach to beyond the light in Destiny 2:

Exploring the PS3 PlayStation Store in 2021 before it Shuts Down ????
Here you can still save in the PS Store: Until September 2nd, the following 2 sales are still running in parallel:

  • Indie games by up to 75% reduced in PS Store
  • Games under 20 € in the PS Store

By the way, your member should be with PlayStation Plus, then do not miss the August line-up. The free games for this month are available: PS Plus in August: The free games for PS4 and PS5 are here now

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