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For us it was important that we came back quickly after the defeat in Kaiserslautern, the coach of TSV after the game summarized the importance of 3-0 success against the Siegless Victoria so far. The coach praised the attitude of his team who has shown from the first minute to make it willing to make the Game of Saturday forgotten. The 1-0 leadership before halftime and the location for Cologne Maximilian Rossmann played The home owner of course in the cards. After the second and third goal in the second round, the 51-year-old at the end of players such as Sascha Mölders, Dennis Dressel or Quirin Minor prematurely rectified and their forces.

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According to him, the matchwinner is clear: He has ruled properly in the half-position, has threaded many good actions and greatly completed at the goal. The speech was from Richard Neugecker, who ran from the beginning and the lions with his dream gate in the 40th minute of play with 1-0 in leadership.

Moll praises position game

Qurin Minor, who gave the sole six in the 4-1-4-1 system of the lions, saw positive approaches and a better start to the game than against the FCK: We got in well. You have seen that we wanted to attack , In any case, we have gotten better in the positions than last , which reflected directly in the pressing behavior of the lions. The home owners often make the playbuilding difficult for the guests and could force many ball gains.

Even scorer Dennis Derressel contacted himself after the game and touched the most important thing together: What ultimately counts are the three points. Looking for next weekend, the 22-year-old midfielder said that we have to put a similar intensity in Braunschweig on the day, then we have a chance there too. Stacking of the game is at 14 o’clock next Saturday (live! At game) .

The new arrivals in the 3rd league

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