Com2us 160 7 billion investing in Wigwick Studio

Acquire is a multi-player mergers and also procurements themed board game. It is played with tiles standing for hotels that are prepared on the board, play money and stock certificates. The object of the video game is to gain one of the most money by establishing and also combining resort chains. When a chain in which a gamer has stock is obtained by a larger chain, gamers make money based on the dimension of the acquired chain. At the end of the video game, all gamers liquidate their supply in order to establish which player has the most cash. It was one of one of the most preferred games in the 1960s 3M shelf game collection, and the only one still published in the United States.

Com2us said that it invested at 25th and W160.7bn and acquires Wizard‘s usage of W1127 million. In March, Com2us, which has already acquired the stake of 5 million won (W45bn), has been a total of 38.11% stake in this strategic investment and acquired a total of 38.11% stake and acquiring the management rights to the maximum shareholder of Widjiwick.

The Wigwick is the world’s highest level of CG / VFX (computer graphics / visual special effect) technology, as a content manufacturer, which has created a variety of films and drama, such as Netflix ‘Virgin, and drama, Gusu ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘Gold Frame’ ‘Gosknok is the entry of the’ Gosknie ” ‘Wiz Onsen’, It is a comprehensive media content company.

In particular, the subsidiary Enpi, which is listed on the 20th, has a high level of XR (virtual fusion reality) content production capacity, including the on-air and offline brand Experience (BE) service, and the metabus.

The Wigwick combines technologies such as AR · VR · XR, and actively promotes metabus projects that emerge as future industries, and to build a total process of integrating the process from IP production to secondary production. I have.

This acquisition, Com2us, accelerates growth to the global comprehensive content company by securing the IP and production capacity of Wigiwick, which climbs to a unique location in the next-generation media content industry. It plans to create a solid IP value chain with a transformer strategy, such as a movie, drama, and web novel, such as Wizwick, a global game, and expands the popular games of Com2us into a variety of content.

L2E-Global Cloak

With this strategy, Com2us is actively investing in promising companies in various fields in the domestic and overseas fields that arose the game and cultural contents. Global Content Corporate SKYBOME entertainment and Domestic Story Content Company MSTory Herbs, MZG Generation Content Company Clarification, famous global content enterprise SKB received entertainment, MZGE Content Company Clarver has been acquired and invested in competent enterprises such as an & M, content production and media companies. In addition, the largest webtoon production company, Kenaz and Jeonggung Studio, is increasing the speed to the expansion of digital content business beyond the game.

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