New Twitch Competitor wants to eliminate the greatest criticisms

Twitch has been attracting streamers and numerous spectators for many years, but not always everything runs smoothly. In the criticism, especially the focus is on profit of streaming giants – but a new platform wants to do it completely differently.

Twitch gets competition from Altair

Streaming is a concept and an innovative way to exchange ideas to integrate in communities and just let the soul dangle. Numerous streaming services, however, focus on profit maximization and thus do not exercise ** pressure on streamers and spectators, but thus create an unhealthy environment for all users. To the concerns of many streamer, especially those who live from the revenue from streaming, include spectators and binding, which can lead to numerous stressful situations.

A new streaming service called Altair consists mainly of streamers who understand the problems of current platforms and to be a concern to create a practicable alternative. The plans of the platform to remove from the standard are also quite promising. Not only should streamers be stressed, also viewers should benefit.

What does Altair want to offer the streamers?

The model should focus on mental health in a way in the foreground, as has not yet done no other service. For example, streamers are made possible with the so-called opt-in analysis, for example, to turn off the analytical data of the audience , because altair would be more than the number of followers or the simultaneous viewer. The Altair team offers analysis but of course on a voluntary basis, after all, data can be a useful instrument to evolve.

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Further evolving is a good keyword, because platforms like Twitch have very specific requirements that need to be met before you can even earn the money. To participate in the affiliate program, you need 50 followers or at least 3 simultaneous viewers per day. In the number of streamer a difficult task that requires a great time commitment. To achieve the partner status that offers a variety of advanced features is even more difficult.

In order to avoid this hierarchy , Altair, there is no partnership program and titles or levels are created, which are not aligned with the spiritual well-being of an author. In addition, the company plans a detailed system that should help copyright owners to make informed decisions about which content is worth it to apply for TakeDowns, so as hopefully reducing the number of excessive demands.

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What does Altair want to offer the spectators?

The official Twitter account is experienced that not only the health of the streamers should be improved – even the spectators will not forget. For example, the termination of a monthly subscription for some is a source of guilty feelings that is often too personal by completing a statement, why you cancel.

According to Altair , the annoying form should show a simple on / off switch , which significantly simplifies the process and put the viewer under pressure. In addition, the company would like to focus on the moderation in chat to ensure the security of the community through the minimization of toxic participants .

Overall, Altair seems to be a good alternative for streamer, which would like to focus mainly on mental health. Whether Altair holds in the end, which promises the platform, you will learn soon. The model should be available from November 2021.

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