Some Twitch streamers plan to protest against the company with a one day strike

Several Twitch streamers who are tired of dealing with the inaction of the platform against harassment campaigns are organizing a massive strike.

Nervous contraction may be forced to listen to its users while the streamers are prepared to attack the platform with the #AdayOfftWitch campaign. Participants expect to return more power to streamers by force the company to improve their services widely criticized.

Reviewed twitch **** continue to increase as Streamers feel even more frustrated with the lack of action of the platform on important issues. In particular, recent cases of doxxing of add-ons and the lack of suitable tools to prevent large campaigns of harassment against streamers in marginalized communities can be the culprits of frustration. The strike will take place on September 1.

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Harassment campaigns earlier this month are a widespread problem that does not show signs of deceleration, and many …

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