Adayofftwitch trends as vapors boycott hatred incursions

The Streamers boycott Twitch on September 1 as a sign of protest against hatred incursions.

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Twitch streamers have been white of hatred incursions that involve Bot accounts that flood their chats with abusive language, racial insults, personal information and even Nazi images. These cases have increased in number and more transmitters have reported that they are attacked each passing day. As a result, the hashtag #twitchdobetter began to be a trend.

Twitch responded with a series of tweets about how he wants to make the platform a safer place for the marginalized streamers and that there is no place for the type of abuse that has been inflicted. We have been developing detection of evasion of prohibition at the channel level and improvements in the account to combat this malicious behavior for months. However, as we work in solutions, the bad actors work in parallel to find ways to avoid them, so we can not always share the details . He also encouraged transmitters and spectators to continue informing about these accounts, as it would help identify and eliminate bad actors and their networks. That…

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