Wild Exclusive Playstation announced in 2014 by Michel Ancel would be canceled

Michel Ancel (born 29 March 1972) is a French video game designer. He is best known for developing the Rayman franchise as well as was the lead designer or supervisor for several of the games, consisting of Rayman Origins and its follow up Rayman Legends. He is additionally understood for the cult hit video clip game Beyond Good & Evil as well as for King Kong, based upon Peter Jackson’s movie King Kong, which was critically acclaimed. In 2017 he started deal with Beyond Good and Wickedness 2.

Perhaps we wanted to believe again but it seems that there is no more right to cling to the slightest hope. According to Jeff Grubb, Venturebeat journalist always very well informed, the development ofWild has ceased . It was he said during his last show for Giant Bomb.

I can confirm that the game is completely stopped. There is no more Wild … Wild died. I think Michel Ancel has abandoned the project … he works there anymore, the project stopped. The team that worked on it could stay together and working on other projects. I do not know what happened, but they said to themselves: We are no longer working on Wild, but we have a lot of talents here, so maybe we can work on other stuff.

Wild had been revealed to Gamescom 2014 at the PlayStation conference (as Silent Hills via P.T.). It was an exclusive online survival game at PS4 taking place more than 10,000 years ago.

The Montpellier Wild Sheep studio, in charge of the game, was founded by Michel Ancel. Its withdrawal of videoludic life in 2020 has probably put lead in the project wing. He had assured that this one became Next-Gen was in good hands. But maybe life has been more complicated since a certain pandemic. It remains to be seen whether the developers will react to Jeff Grubb’s lyrics.


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