Pokemon Unite act is quite useful speeder Especially compatibility with Cabgon

In Pokemon Unite, the battle item has been very popular as the Hatsuto Button seems to be this choice, but the update on August 18 was extended from 60 seconds to 70 seconds by the update on August 18. There is also its influence, and the other battle items are also beginning to attract.

Among them surprisingly strong, speeder . This battle item that raises the movement speed of Pokemon for a certain period of time. It’s also a button, but still the power-up of mobile system is strong but it is strongly strong.

# ◆ Shine in combination with the technique!

Although the speeder is useful as it is, it is especially compatible with the technique of especially moving speed. For example, Cabgon speeds up the opponent at a considerable speed when you use and dentbo ** after speeder.

However, please note that if you do not use it in the order of speeder → and dentbo, careful attention. **

# ◆ Even in the enemy area

In addition, the speeder is effective in speed reduction, so you can move fast with enemy route. **

It looks particularly useful when stirring the enemy. However, the effect time is not long and it is not a long time in the enemy route, so let’s be careful because it breaks up soon.

# ◆ If the latency decreases or …?

That’s why it’s a strong speed. Even though the button is not acceptable (although weakened), it is interesting to explore the office at this timing, but it is interesting.

Speaking of greed, if the waiting time after use will decrease or the effect time will be slightly shiny. If such adjustments are given, I feel that it seems to be quite active.

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